switchers scopes
Ross Vision MD/X HD 32-input switcher with 2 ch. DVE Leader 5700A HD/SD LCD waveform/vectorscope
Ross Extreme 32-input switcher 4 ch. DVE & multiviewer Leader 5750 portable HD LCD waveform/vectorscope
Ross Carbonite 16-input switcher with 2 ch. DVE & multiviewer Leader VTM-450 HD/SD waveform/vectorscope/AES/eye
Panasonic HVS-400N 10-input switcher with multiviewer Leader VTM-400 HD/SD waveform/vectorscope/AES
Panasonic AW-HS50N 5-input switcher with multiviewer Leader VTM-300 SD waveform/vectorscope/AES
Talia HD 32 x 32 router with remote panels Harris HD Star portable scope and test generator
Miranda 16 x 16 SDI router Tektronix 7120 HD LCD waveform/vectorscope/AES
Leitch Mix-Box 4-input SDI switcher Tektronix 7000 HD LCD waveform/vectorscope
Leitch 3-input active desktop switcher Tektronix 1760 component waveform/vectorscope
Leitch Xpress 10 x 1 active switcher Tektronix WFM-601 SDI waveform/vectorscope
Leitch Panacea 12 x 1 switcher Tektronix WFM-90 4" portable waveform/monitor
  Tektronix 760 AES stereo phase meter
  Videotek 203 waveform/vectorscope with VGA output
  Tektronix WFM-700 HD-SDI scope set w/eye pattern


format conversion terminal
AJA D10A Component to SDI Ross XPression dual channel CG, with clip player & SQL
AJA D10C SDI to Component Leitch FR-681 video DA with 4 cards
AJA D4E SDI to NTSC Leitch FR-882 video DA with 10 cards
AJA D5D NTSC to SDI Leitch FR-884 A/V DA with 10 cards
AJA D5CE SDI to component Leitch FR-881 audio DA with 4 cards
AJA HDP2 HD-SDI to DVI-D Leitch FR-882 audio DA with 10 cards
AJA Hi5 HD-SDI to HDMI Leitch FR-6802 SDI video DA with 10 cards
AJA HA5 HDMI to HD-SDI Ross DFR-8110 frame with 5 HD-SDI cards
AJA HD10A HD component to HD-SDI Leitch NEO tri-level HD sync generator
AJA HD10MD2 HD to SD downconverter AJA HD5DA 1x4 HD clocking DA
AJA HD10C HD-SDI to component or composite AJA HD10DA 1x6 HD/SD reclocking DA
AJA H7 HD-SDI to DVI AJA GEN10 tri-level sync generator
AJA ADA4 4 channel AES/EBU, A/D, D/A converter Telcom TCR-60 time code reader
AJA FS-1 anything in to anything out cross converter          Evertz 6010 time code reader/generator
DVEO HD Spigot HDMI to HD-SDI converter Evertz 9010 HD time code reader/generator
Miranda ASD-771P analog audio to AES Evertz 9525 NTSC/SDI downstream keyer
Miranda ADX-171P AES audio de-embedder Telecast "rattler" SDI-SM fiber adaptors
Miranda Density ENC-1103 SDI-component dual ch. Telecast "SHED"  SMPTE / tac fiber adaptors
Miranda Density ADC-1101 component-SDI dual ch. Videotek DM-141 demodulator
Astro SC-2060 HD-SDI to DVI line doubler Videotek DM-141 demodulator pkg with 4 units & quad out
FOR.A FA-9000 frame synchronizer For-A CCS-4360 composite colour corrector
Leitch X75 frame sync w/ fibre and AES options Sony BVX-10 component colour corrector with remote
Folsom Image Pro HD scan converter Videotek SDC-101 SDI colour corrector


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