Diamond HD                                 full specs

Ross Extreme 24-input HD switcher with 2 M/Es,
   4 channel DVE, 10 keyers, 2 chroma keyers,            DSK,
8 channel scaler, 4 clip players, clean feed
(2) Ross HD virtual monitor wall with 24 inputs
(2) Panasonic 58" HD 1080i displays
(2) Yamaha MSP-5 monitor speakers

Wired for 8 cameras with MSU                                 (8) Sony HDC-1500 HD multi-format fiber cameras
(8) Sony RCP-750 joystick remotes with scene files
(2) Fujinon 4.5-14x wide-angle lenses with 2x
(6) Fujinon 7.6-18x lenses with 2x
(6) HDF-C730W 7" studio viewfinders
(6) Sachtler Video 25 tripods with dolly wheels

Sony BRC-H700 remote camera
QTV 9" & 15" LCD prompter displays
Vinten Osprey studio pedestals or Triangle jimmy jib

Wired for 8 recorders or DDRs as standard
(6) Aja Ki-Pro rack disc recorders (Pro-Res or Avid MxF)
(8) Marshall LCD confidence monitors
(1) Evertz 5010 master time code generator
EVS XT[2] 6 channel LSM and X-File available on request
HD-Cam and XD-Cam available on request

(1) Ross Extreme 24x48 HD router with 8 remotes
(2) AJA F/S 1 multi-format cross converters
(1) Leader LV-5700A HD multi-format scope
(1) Sony BVM-14F5U 14” HD QC monitor
(1) Evertz MSC-5600 tri-level sync gen with 24p option

Clearcom 24x24 matrix intercom system with:
(2) I1470E 16-ch. main station (Director & Audio)
(6) I1430E 16-ch. stations (Prod, AD, TD, LD, vtr & vid)
(2) Clearcom TEL-14 dual channel telephone interfaces
(8) Party line channels plus 4 IFBs
(2) Clearcom KB-112 biscuit boxes
(8) Clearcom RS-601 belt packs with Beyer headsets
(2) Clearcom RS-602 belt packs with Beyer headsets
(1) MX-40 24-channel assignment panel
(4) Telex BTR-800 wireless intercoms
Comtek BST-50 wireless IFBs available on request

Yamaha M7CL 56-input stereo console with 48 mic/line
    inputs, 16 busses, 8 auxs, 16 stereo returns
    4-band parametric EQ, dynamics & extended metering
(2) Yamaha MSP-5 near-field monitors
(1) Digicart II disc recorder
(1) Tascam CD-01U CD player
(2) Gentner DH-20 digital telephone hybrids
Large complement of wired and RF mics available

                          All equipment is flight cased, on isolated APC back-up power supplies, travels with self-contained production
                    desks and is pre-wired to minimize set-up time on location. System requires a minimum of 3 x 15 amp circuits

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