mixers audio processing
Yamaha M7CL 56-input digital mixer with AES DBX DPP stereo compressor/limiter/gate
Yamaha O2R96 48-channel digital mixer BSS 506 stereo limiter/compressor
Mackie Onyx 24-channel stereo mixer yamaha REV-90 effects processor
Soundcraft 200B 16-channel stereo mixer Sabine feedback eliminator
Mackie Onyx 16-channel stereo mixer Sony DPS-V77 effects processor
Mackie 1604 16-channel stereo mixer Rane 44-band stereo equalizer
Mackie 1402 14-channel stereo mixer  
Sony MXP-29 8-channel stereo mixer speakers and amps 
Shure FP-33A 3-channel stereo mixer Anchor 1000 amplified speaker
EV ELX-1A 4-input mixer Fostex 6301B amplified speaker
  Wholer AMP-1 stereo amplified speaker
  Wholer AMP-8 8-input amplified speaker
microphones JBL EON 10" amplified speaker with stands (pair)
Sennheiser SK-2003 pack w/6 transmitters & hi-gain ant. QSC 400 amp with 2 EAW speakers & stands
Sony diversity pack w/6 transmitters & hi-gain antennas  
Sony diversity lav or hand wireless mic hybrids
Sony 810A/820A UHF field wireless set Gentner TS-612 6-line dual output hybrid
Sennheiser diversity wireless with MKE-2 lav mic Gentner DH-20 digital telephone hybrid
Sony ECM-77B lav mic Telos Delta 100 digital telephone hybrid
EV-635A hand mic JK Audio digital telephone hybrid
EV-RE50B hand mic JK Audio double-ender kit with Telex and cell adapter
Shure SM-58 hand mic Clearcom AC-10H telephone interface
Countryman ES-50 headset mic  
DPA 4016 headset mic audio accessories
Sennheiser MKH-416 shotgun Shure FP-11 mic-line amp
Sennheiser zepplin windscreen  Shure FP-12 headphone amp
Sennheiser ME-80 short shotgun Shure FP-16 1x6 ADA
Sennheiser HMD-25 sportscaster headset Phase 3 LM-2U balanced to unbalanced adapter
AKG CK-98 long shotgun QSC direct box
AKG A210 podium mics Whirlwind Q-box
Crown 160 PCM mic Dorrough A-40 stereo compression/peak meters
Carbon fibre boom pole  Whirlwind 8-ch. balanced isolated mic splitter
K&H mic desk stand WBS extended VU meter
K&H mic floor stand with boom  
audio recorders  
360 Systems Digicart II disc recorder with Zip drive  
360 Systems Digicart II disc recorder w/RS-201 remote  
Tascam CD-401 balanced CD player  
Tascam CD-ProU 1RU balanced CD player  


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